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Ana Soto, Kukutana manager and lifelong family friend of the Llorentes, tells us how she fell under the Kukutana spell and of her pivotal role in the day to day running of this historic Andalusian farmhouse

The Kukutana Team

Born and bred in Seville, Ana met the Llorente family many years ago when she was at primary school with Blanca, Kukutana host Pedro’s sister. Forming a long-lasting bond with the family, Ana gradually became absorbed in to the clan

From that moment on, Ana was always destined to be part of the Kukutana story.

As the Kukutana project grew from a family dream to a stunning reality, Ana quickly became a crucial member of the team. Now, she spares a few minutes in her busy schedule to talk about how she came to be involved in such a unique family-run enterprise, her many and varied responsibilities, and what she imagines the future holds for Kukutana…

From the beginning

Long before Kukutana opened its doors to guests looking for an authentic, personalised Andalusia experience, it was a spacious, comfortable home for the Llorentes, packed every weekend with friends and family looking to enjoy the Southern Spanish climate in the beautiful surroundings bordering Doñana National Park.

After one such weekend, Ana found herself in Pedro’s (known affectionately as Perico to friends and family) office, discussing how best to share Kukutana’s wonderful atmosphere with visitors and guests.

Ana had always loved Kukutana and its unique location, so close to the soaring pine forests, sand dunes, wetlands and coastline of Doñana. The historic Andalusian farmhouse was calling to Ana, who felt passionately that guests would lap up the heady mix of nature, traditions and gastronomy the house and grounds could offer.

And so it was that Ana became a fully signed up member of the team and a huge part of Kukutana’s transformation from a family home to a high end, fully serviced, property offering exceptional excursions and a fully tailored itinerary for small groups of close friends and family.

The Ana in Kukutana

“On paper I am the manager, but I’m very lucky to be part of the team we have, where all of us give our best to keep everything running” Ana explains over a glass of fresh orange juice, a favourite in Seville where oranges grow on every street. Kukutana is just an hour’s drive from this elegant and enticing city, making it an easy combination for those looking to enjoy the Andalusian capital’s remarkable culture and culinary scene.

Ana is all things to all people – vibrant and engaging, she describes herself as “positive and fun-loving” and is exactly the sort of person you’d choose to be greeted by when pulling up to the Kukutana house.

Bubbling with energy and positivity, Anna springs out of bed in the mornings thanks to her early-bird children Javier, Isidoro and Ricardo, and her lively terrier Toffee. Every day begins with a hearty breakfast for the boys, a morning walk and “a sense of hope for the day ahead of us and all those wonderful things it will offer us”.

In addition to being the first person guests meet when they arrive at Kukutana, Ana skilfully coordinates every aspect of the guests’ stays, particularly the personalised itineraries and excursions that are a trademark of a stay at Kukutana. 

“I find it very enrichening meeting new people, getting to know them and their tastes and wants, and learning from their feedback” she explains with an easy smile. The service at Kukutana is second to none, each guest generously welcomed into the fold by the boundlessly hospitable hosts. 

Behind the scenes, Ana deftly manages her team of staff to ensure that the operation runs like clockwork.

Perhaps her success is partly down to the fact that she is, by her own admission, “pretty tough and no-nonsense when I need to be!”. Focused and efficient, she thrives in her role, exuding a quiet confidence and sense of calm and capability beneath her warm and friendly demeanour.

“We are an incredibly close-knit team” she explains, “bound together with a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support; we are all passionate in bringing out the best that Kukutana has to offer and showing it in its best light to all who come through its doors”.

Sunsets and birdsong

Kukutana is a unique holiday destination, and Ana is quick to name what she sees as its most captivating highlights.

“My love for Kukutana stretches back many years; I have got to know it so well, every corner of the house and its gardens holds something special”.

What are her particular highlights, we ask. “For me, it’s the environment, the landscapes, everything on offer right on the doorstep. There is the silence of the forest, the light through the trees, birds singing, the sunset, the warm breeze…” She tails off, a wistful smile spreading across her face as she pictures long rides through the forests, or gazing across the marshes at the thousands of birds that migrate here every year.

“It’s such an incredible feeling, you completely disconnect from the outside world and connect with Doñana, always coming back home with fully recharged batteries” she continues, reconnecting with the here and now after a moment out in the Andalusian countryside.

Exploring Andalusia

There is so much for guests to try during their stay, including walking, swimming, 4×4 safari trips and bird watching under the direction of the excellent private guides.

Some of Ana’s favourites include a sunrise or sunset experience in the wild beauty of the National Park, a horse-drawn carriage journey through La Juncosilla and a trip to a bodega at Sanlucar de Barrameda to sample some of the region’s delicious sherry, coupled with exquisitely fresh seafood. “With 30km of virgin beach flanked by gilded cliffs just a stone’s throw from the house, this truly is a one-off destination” mentions Ana, which promises to mesmerise all those who visit.  

Back at the house, the beautiful horses at Kukutana are as much a part of the family as its people.

“Our guests always fall for our amazing horses, and riding is definitely one of our most popular outings – both for guests, and for me” enthuses Ana, that ever-present twinkle in her eye lighting up once again. “There’s nothing quite like it, cantering through the woodland tracks, or riding in the shallows down at the beach”.

“And of course, after a day’s exploring, Kukutana itself is the perfect spot to unwind, soaking up the late afternoon sun in the grounds or cooling off in the pool”.

For the love of food

“Gastronomy is front and centre of life at Kukutana, and a hugely important part of the experience for all of our guests” Ana explains, as talk turns to the culinary set up at Kukutana.

Presided over by matriarch Lourdes and ably assisted by chef Isabel, “the Kukutana kitchen is a place where magic happens, where traditional recipes handed down over generations are whipped up using the freshest, locally grown and sourced ingredients” Ana goes on.

Mealtimes at Kukutana are sumptuous affairs, the tables groaning with mouth-watering home-grown fruit and vegetables and expertly created dishes. The Llorente family produces its own olive oil and Ana raves about her favourite dish; simple, slightly spicy but beautifully effective, prawns accompanied with zucchini cream.

Between meals, guests will never go hungry. Andalusia is of course famous for its tapas, so expect plate a-plenty of melt-in-the-mouth jamon iberico, local cheeses, olives and tortilla, served on the terrace or in the sitting room in front of a roaring log fire, or up at the old bullring to catch the sun setting over the forest.

Looking ahead

So what does Ana see unfolding for Kukutana in the future?

“We always have new goals to reach! I see a bigger team and new experiences being offered to our visitors, perhaps themed visits, with yoga or artist retreats, or equine therapy” she mulls.

The twinkle is back – although in reality, it never really went away. So watch this space…there’s plenty more to come at Kukutana.

If you would like to experience Kukutana for yourself, do get in touch and let us welcome you to this remarkable, unspoilt corner of Andalusia.


I’m struggling to put into words everything that we have experienced these past days, from the very first moment it has all been exceptional. The team and the hosts are marvellous, the experiences unforgettable - we will cherish these days forever.

Guest, Madrid

A unique experience surrounded by friends and hosted by this wonderful family who have poured their dreams and love into this project. The most memorable G&T in history! We will be back soon.

V.U. Madrid

The magic of southern Spain and the warmth with which we have been received have made these days unforgettable. What an incredible project you have created!

A.L. Germany

Thank you for the most magical few days in this piece of Paradise! It was the most memorable time and holiday that we have ever had. The food was delicious, the horses were beautiful and cannot believe that we saw a Lynx! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. Hope to see you again soon and best luck for the creation and adventures that you plan.

J&M.H United Kingdom


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