Stay in an Andalusian farmhouse. Experience Doñana National Park.
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With Kukutana only an hour from Seville, an incredible horseback safari is closer than you think, writes Sophia Constant in the UK's Country Life magazine

The Kukutana Team

“Riders can gallop along one of Europe’s longest uninterrupted, virgin beaches, covering 23 miles in a single day, paddling in the shallows and picnicking on the sand”

When travel writer and experienced rider Sophia Constant was asked to cover horse safaris in Europe for UK lifestyle magazine Country Life, she knew Kukutana would make the list, offering as it does incredible rides in a little-explored corner of Andalusia.

“The property, set inside the country’s Doñana National Park, belongs to the Llorente family, and a string of horses, stabled around a cobblestone courtyard, carry us along trails between here and the village of El Rocío“.

“Our horses drum a muffled rhythm down sandy paths, among eucalyptus trees, across marshlands and through former royal hunting grounds. Vultures circle above, a herd of red deer tunnels into the shade and fresh lynx tracks leave us sharp with anticipation. We are riding along ancient pilgrimage paths – once used by the brotherhoods of Andalucía, all devoted to the Virgin Mary”, writes Sophia, as she describes a typical ride from Kukutana, exploring Doñana on one of our team of beautiful Anglo-Arabs.

The largest nature reserve in Europe, Doñana’s wetlands, forests, dunes and coastline provide sanctuary for thousands of resident and migratory birds, as well as deer, wild boar and the elusive lynx.

“A short flight from London, I’m off grid, enjoying a trio of horse safaris that reveal the charms of rural Spain; adventures to rival those I’ve had in Africa and Argentina, without circling the planet for the privilege. I am riding through wild landscapes packed with history, fascinating people and, of course, great food and wine” continues Sophia.

Kukutana is only an hour from the alluring city of Seville, making it eminently accessible for those looking for some autumn sunshine and adventure. Indeed, we can organise visits to Seville as part of your stay.

In addition to Andalusia’s famous culinary capital, the surrounding towns of Sanlucar de Barrameda – home to the region’s famous manzanilla sherry – and El Rocío, where horses are still the principal mode of transport, also offer a chance for visitors to get familiar with authentic Andalusian culture.

“We ride into El Rocío like cowboys in a Western with Ennio Morricone whistling through our minds. Wide dusty boulevards weave their way towards a white cathedral towering over the Plaza Mayor. Every house and bar has a hitching post outside it and you can order sundowners – typically manzanilla, a Spanish fortified wine similar to fine sherry – without getting off your horse.”

An optional extension for keen riders is to combine a trip to Kukutana with a few days with George Scott Rides, also featured in Sophia’s piece. Travelling deep in to the wild Sierra Morena hills, George Scott offers guests three day itineraries split between tented camps and a restored farmhouse, and provides visitors with an opportunity to continue exploring another corner of Andalusia.

In addition to horse riding and carriage trips, Kukutana offers a host of excursions, including birdwatching outings, hot air balloon rides, and 4×4 and mountain biking tours of the neighbouring landscapes. 

For those looking for some R&R, there’s plenty to do without leaving the farmhouse too; guests can enjoy the gardens, visit the kitchen for a cooking course, tour the stables and meet the horses, or take drinks and nibbles on the terrace or in the sitting room.

“Out of the saddle, I’m left to doze by the swimming pool and watch the sun set languidly over an old bull ring” writes Sophia. “Come nightfall, Lourdes Llorente, the family’s matriarch, whips up feast after feast using long-held family recipes and ingredients gathered from the garden. On one such night, in the full throes of supper, I’m transfixed by a dramatic flamenco performance, organised as a surprise.”

Stays at Kukutana are entirely shaped to your needs, with itineraries tailored for guests to allow you to do as much – or as little – as you would like.

If you would like to arrange your own horseback adventure in Southern Spain, please contact the team and we would be happy to help.


I’m struggling to put into words everything that we have experienced these past days, from the very first moment it has all been exceptional. The team and the hosts are marvellous, the experiences unforgettable - we will cherish these days forever.

Guest, Madrid

A unique experience surrounded by friends and hosted by this wonderful family who have poured their dreams and love into this project. The most memorable G&T in history! We will be back soon.

V.U. Madrid

The magic of southern Spain and the warmth with which we have been received have made these days unforgettable. What an incredible project you have created!

A.L. Germany

Thank you for the most magical few days in this piece of Paradise! It was the most memorable time and holiday that we have ever had. The food was delicious, the horses were beautiful and cannot believe that we saw a Lynx! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. Hope to see you again soon and best luck for the creation and adventures that you plan.

J&M.H United Kingdom


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