Stay in an Andalusian farmhouse. Experience Doñana National Park.
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Discover the beauty of the Andalusian countryside from a different angle as you drift peacefully over the land in a hot air balloon.

The Kukutana Team

One of the most extraordinary experiences on offer at Kukutana is a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the idyllic countryside surrounding this exclusive private-hire home. This magical adventure is wonderful to share with family and friends and an exciting way to discover Andalusia from a different perspective.

Rising early to chase the sunrise, guests are given hot coffee and delicious breakfast treats, prepared by Kukutana’s chef, Isabel, to kick-start the day. If the weather feels fresh, there’s a pile of thick ponchos to choose from by the front door, then a snooze in the car to reach the hot air balloon launch site just as the morning light begins to soften the night’s sky.

Watching the hot air balloon as it is coaxed to life is almost as exciting as the voyage itself.

The experts lie the empty balloon flat across the field– it must be positioned perfectly straight and angled correctly against the wind – then the spectacle begins: giant fans send wind roaring through the mouth of the balloon and rapid-fire bursts of flames blast hot air surging into its heart.

Filling such a capacious vessel is a game of precision and patience. The team welcome extra hands from enthusiastic passengers, encouraging them to participate in holding open the mouth of the balloon and teasing it wider as air is forced through – so close to the flames one can feel the heat.

Slowly, the great patchwork dome begins to rise.

At last, the wicker basket, risen from its slumber, topples into an upright position signalling imminent lift off. There’s a short window to leap inside, before gliding heavenward.

And then… almost imperceptibly… you’re floating.

The balloon skips over a white-washed traditional Andalusian church next to the launch-site, drifting up and up to give passengers a new and dazzling vantage point.

As it shrinks, the church becomes a scale by which to measure everything: great buildings seem pocket-sized; people, mere ants. The sounds of the countryside – wind whistling through the trees and the buzzing of insects – are muffled, then silenced by the serenity of the skies.

Sailing the skies at sunrise adds an element of the celestial to this peaceful experience, as its golden orb blurs the horizon, spilling light across the fields.

The balloon flies smoothly above the green corridor of Seville’s Guadiamar River and the olive groves of Aljarafe, its shadow following dutifully. Andalusian countryside is bucolic: fincas dotted with farm animals, bright white cortijos (traditional farm houses) typically decorated with stripes of red, green or yellow. A fox trots along the edge of a field, searching out rabbits and field mice – an orange dot on the ground below.

The landscape and its hue changes beautifully with the seasons – dry and rusty in summer, lush and bird-flocked from November when the rains begin, and flower-filled and colourful in February and March as Spring takes hold.

Perspective is both lost and gained: one can see for miles on a clear day – in the distance, prairie buckles into the mountains of Cadiz; land slips into the sea at the edge of the Donana National Park, one of Europe’s most pristine nature reserves. This is the kingdom of eagles and kites. Here is freedom – an experience beyond compare.

The pilot, Jesús González-Green, is one of the most experienced in Spain and has flown all over the world – a character with many stories to tell.

Hot air balloon championships often take place here and Jesús regales his guests with memories of extraordinary flights, amazing feats by fellow aeronauts, masters of the skies.

“Would you like an olive?” he asks the passengers, as the balloon dips towards a grove, skimming the tops of the trees before lifting skyward again under Jesús’ skilful care.

The journey lasts for around an hour or so, before touching back down on terra firma. The support trucks are quick on the scene, bumping along tracks and fields to retrieve balloon and passengers alike – landing is not a precise science.

Returning to Kukutana, a leisurely brunch is served in a shaded spot within bird-filled gardens. The remainder of the day could be spent in total relaxation; perhaps reading a book on the veranda and cooling off in the swimming pool.

Or, a hot air balloon ride could be just the first adventure of the day! Kukutana, the perfect base for exploring rural Andalucía, arranges privately guided nature walks and bike rides through ancient woodlands, horse rides and carriage rides to nearby El Rocio, day trips to Seville and 4×4 safaris in the Donana National Park. What to choose?

The answer is blowing in the wind…


I’m struggling to put into words everything that we have experienced these past days, from the very first moment it has all been exceptional. The team and the hosts are marvellous, the experiences unforgettable - we will cherish these days forever.

Guest, Madrid

A unique experience surrounded by friends and hosted by this wonderful family who have poured their dreams and love into this project. The most memorable G&T in history! We will be back soon.

V.U. Madrid

The magic of southern Spain and the warmth with which we have been received have made these days unforgettable. What an incredible project you have created!

A.L. Germany

Thank you for the most magical few days in this piece of Paradise! It was the most memorable time and holiday that we have ever had. The food was delicious, the horses were beautiful and cannot believe that we saw a Lynx! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. Hope to see you again soon and best luck for the creation and adventures that you plan.

J&M.H United Kingdom


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